Reference - Hillingdon BAPCA GDRP compliance          Email sent to existing members on email distribution list 13.05.2018                     

Dear All
To ensure Hillingdon Bapca adheres to GDRP legislation it is mandatory for each member to respond by return of an email to confirm their permission to receive regular updates on Hillingdon Bapca activities.

If you do not respond then your email address will be removed and you will no longer receive any notifications.

It should be noted

•             Only item of personal data held will be members email address

•             Subject to unintentional errors, all emails sent will be “blind copies”

•             Hillingdon BAPC members who sign bank cheques (four members of the Co Ordination Committee) have provided additional personal data that is securely kept

•             Web site will continue to provide information that will always be available to all

You will get two emails this month to provide permission, this is the first one with the second one being sent around 27.05.18.

Any feedback or perceived additional GDRP requirements for Hillingdon Bapca compliance will be much appreciated.


Lakhbir Randhawa

077 4081 6643