On Saturday 13.04.2019 the “blind copy”  emailing was reviewed by the group as there had been a proposal not to use the “blind copy” facility.

It was agreed that any person who wanted to share their email address with all group members should clearly advise via email to Lakhbir.randhawa@onecareit.com.

The email addresses of persons wanting to share their email addresses will then visible to all group members on future Hillingdon BAPCA (TPCA) members

Reference - Hillingdon BAPCA GDPR compliance 

Two emails sent during May 2018 to all Hillingdon BAPCA members previously receiving emails about forthcoming activities.  Members were asked to provide permission for such emails to continue. Any member who failed to reply and provide the required permission has been removed from the current distribution list.

Any person or a new member who wants to go onto the Hillingdon BAPCA distribution list needs to request via an email to Lakhbir.randhawa@onecareit.com.

It should be noted

•             Only item of personal data held is an individual’s email address

•             Subject to unintentional errors, all emails sent will be “blind copies”

•             Hillingdon BAPC members who sign bank cheques (four members of the Co Ordination Committee) have provided additional personal data that is securely kept

•             Web site www.hillingdonbapca.co.uk  will continue to provide information that is available to all

Any feedback or perceived additional GDPR requirements for Hillingdon BAPCA compliance will be much appreciated.