Message from Mike Adams refrence                   BEING MYSELF a new group

"Teri and I are looking for volunteers, currently not known to us, to participate in our new venture. Teri is currently training as a Person-Centred group facilitator. As an aspect of her training she would like to create and facilitate a group with a therapeutic purpose. The intention of the group would be to help and support its participants in some area of their lives. I have agreed to assist her in facilitating the group. We both have years of experience in groups, although most of our experience up to this point has been in non-facilitated settings. This therefore feels like something of a departure and a challenge for both of us. 

We are proposing, then, to co-facilitate a group which would run for four sessions in total, meeting monthly at the Quaker Meeting Hall in Uxbridge, commencing in January or February 2019. Each session would have a duration of two hours. There would be no charge for participating.

We are looking for five or six participants to join us in this venture. No previous experience in group work is required. Ideally participants would not know each other prior to taking part, and although one of us will talk on the phone to each participant before committing to the group, we will not know the participants either. In this way we hope to be able to come to each other with few pre-conceptions or shared understandings. 
The theme of the group would be ‘Being Myself’. This seemed to us to be an interesting focus for a time-limited group: how can I be more of who I know myself to be inside? Or, perhaps conversely, how can I take the risk of doing so, when who I am inside sometimes feels like it might be unacceptable to others?

Please contact Teri or myself directly on:                     or           

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