meeting format

Meeting Format (for themed meetings)

We have evolved a fairly rigid format for the meetings and although we are aware it is quite boundaried, as a group we have decided upon this structure given our time limitations and circumstances.  If you have any issues or questions about it, please speak to a member of our coordinating group or send us an email.   

9:45 - Business time – this is for a maximum of 15 minutes and is chaired by a member of the Coordinating Group (CG).  The task is rotated between the CG members.  The chair stands down after Business is completed. 

10:00 Check-in – this is for a maximum of 30 minutes. It is an opportunity for members (new and old) to say anything they would like by way of an introduction.  Please mention your name when you speak for the first time. There is no obligation to speak.  If you only want to say ‘hello I’m so and so and that’s all I want to say right now’ in the check-in that is perfectly fine.  If you don’t get time to check in during the 30 minutes or you don’t want to check in at that point, then please feel free to check in later.   

10:30 Group Process Time – The Chair will announce that Check-in is over and that Process time is now beginning.  This is the main part of the meeting when we discuss the theme (agreed at the end of the previous meeting).  The theme is a starting point and we will see where it takes us. We hope that process time will allow us to meet at ‘relational depth’, that we will be able to relate to each other in a meaningful way.  We hope we can offer each other empathic understanding and unconditional positive regard whilst being congruent.  

11:30 - Tea break for a maximum of 20 mins.  Group process will restart at 11:50 even if everyone has not yet returned. If you wish to continue talking to someone after the end of the tea break, please go out of the main meeting room. 

12:50 - Check out - for maximum of 15 minutes.  Please feel free to state how you are feeling now (or anything else you would like to say). 

13:15 Theme - discuss and agree the theme for next month’s meeting.  This must be concluded by 13:20 and is chaired.  If there are a number of possible themes, we will vote on it.  If no decision is made by 13:20, then the CG will decide on the next theme.  (If necessary, the chair will have the casting vote.) 

13:20 – 13:30 everyone must be involved in clearing up – washing, drying and putting away the crockery used, cleaning the sink and work surfaces, closing the curtains, stacking away the chairs.  If you are not sure how you can help, then please ask a member of the CG.   

Although the chair will remind you of the times, you are invited to take responsibility for keeping an eye on the times as well.  We do need to be off the premises by 13:30, so we have to be very strict on time boundaries.   


The group has a confidentiality agreement, which again has evolved over time. We specify that it is okay to discuss the meeting with your supervisor and therapist and also to discuss on your journey home if travelling with others from the group - as long as you are not overheard. 

Certificates of Attendance for CPD

Certificates are available at end of meeting.  We are willing to print names on certificates for those who request this by email.  You will need to do this by the Wednesday preceding each meeting.  Please do not do this unless you are certain you will attend.