Hillingdon BAPCA invites you to join us for an experiential meeting

All face to face meeting at Friends House, Uxbridge suspended till further notice

Virtual Meeting via Zoom

Saturday 11th July 2020 @ 09.45

Zoom is a free app/tool for video-conference, available on laptop/pc/tablet/smartphone. To attend, you will need a device with a web camera & microphone (standard on many devices) as well as a reliable internet connection. Tablets/mobiles may require a free app&account while other laptops/computers may be able to join via a web browser without an account/app. There is no need to pay any fees to zoom to join this meeting

Link, Meeting ID and Password: Please call an existing member for this code or request via contact details

The Zoom meeting room will be open from 9.30am, so that you can arrive early, check equipment, meet others, and settle in - just as we might in a geographical location.
The group session times will be the same as usual.
Please ensure that your environment is safe, non-distracting, and unlikely to be overheard/witnessed by non-participants.
To ensure confidentiality there is a mandatory request not to record anything related to these meetings.

There is no cost to attending a Zoom virtual meeting.


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